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General Readings for Naturalists

Maria Mudd Ruth’s superb blog,  found here  will delight and fascinate those with a curiosity about nature.  Great sense of humor, too.


Canadian General Environmental Model (GEM) for North America-from Environment Canada, to 6 days out.  Its pretty darn accurate.

The GFS-WRF model 99h prediction of surface pressure and every-3h precipitation totals for the western US and eastern Pacific -from the Washington Huskies!-only 4 days out

Southwestern US 2-7 days out showing hourly precipitation predictions among numerous other variables,  from our very own University of Arizona Wildcats Hydro and Atmo Department!


National Weather Service Home Page-good place to start

Get all your B&W map needs here-courtesy of the University of Washington Huskies

Nice color surface weather map from NOAA

Surface weather plots, maps and radars from the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)

Eastern Pacific, North America, and Western Atlantic 24 h loop of IR satellite imagery-from the U of WA

The best radar and satellite imagery loop for the US-from IPS Meteostar

Radar-derived 24 h US precip ending at 12 GMT-from Intellicast

Very nice color surface map of US from NOAA

24 h US temperature change-from The Weather Channel


Surface pressure map with station plots and IR satellite imagery from the U of Washington Huskies

Simplified surface pressure map of the Pacific and West Coast


24 h loop of surface pressure map with color coded IR satellite imagery from the U of WA


Bob Maddox’s weather blog-essential reading, the author is one of the greatest experts on convection in the world and he’s right here in Tucson!  How great is that?

Current weather page, U of A

The weather,  3 miles ESE of Catalina, AZ (Sutherland Heights district)

Weather Underground map of personal weather station data with radar overlay for the Catalina area

Station plot for SW centered on Las Vegas from NCAR

Station plot for SW centered on New Mexico from NCAR

Arizona METAR reports from the U of Washington

The NWS, Tucson

Climate reports page, NWS

Arizona station plot with IR satellite imagery from the U of A

Superb radar and satellite IR imagery loop for the SW US from IPS Meteostar

Radar loop of Arizona from the U of A

Radar loop for SE Arizona from the U of A

Radar-derived rainfall totals ending at 12 GMT (5 AM Local) from Intellicast

Rainfall measurements ending at 7 AM local time from the U of A

Rainfall measurements ending at 7 AM Local time from CoCoRaHs

Pima County REgional Flood Control District ALERT raingauge homepage

Pima County ALERT rainfall reports ending at the current 15 minutes!

Vertical wind structure near the Tortolitia Mountains (NOAA’s ESRL thinks that’s where “Tucson” is!)

Tucson rawinsonde plot, 00 GMT from the U of A

Tucson rawinsonde plot, 12 GMT from the U of A

Today’s time lapse movie from the U of A of the clouds over the Catalina mountains

Previous day’s time lapse movie, view toward Catalina mountains.


California-Nevada River Forecast Center-a motherlode of weather information

Text report of 24 h precip ending with the current hour

Day 1 precipitation prediction

Day 2 precipitation prediction

Day 3 precipitation prediction


NWS, Honolulu

Hawaiian rainfall report





Climate Prediction Center summary of conditions in the Middle East

Israel Meteorological Service Homepage

Turkey/Greece/Lebanon/N Israel and Cypress station plot from Wetterzentrale

S. Israel, the Negev, Saudi, Egypt, Libya surface station plot from Wetterzentrale

Surface pressure map with IR satellite imagery from the US Navy, Monterrey

500 mb map with IR satellite imagery from the US Navy, Monterrey

Archive of US Navy images for the Mediterranean area


Weekly sea surface temperature anomalies


US Drought Monitor-see where its wet or dry from DRI

Western Regional Climate Center-lots of maps and data here!

Western States annual precipitation maps from the Oregon State Beavers Climate Service

Get a US Daily Weather Map for any day back to 1968 here

Get a US Daily Weather Map, 1871-1968, here

National Diurnal Climatology-average temperatures, etc.,  by the hour by the month!

Tucson diurnal climatology


Members of the World Meteorological Organization

The home page of the American Meteorological Society