A climate heroine: Judy Curry

Perhaps she will lead us out of the climate kerfluffles that we continuously have due to overzealous scientists that edit the content of their studies to the news media, leaving out the important complications.  Perhaps with our science “watch dog”, Judy, they won’t do that.

“Complications”, you ask?

The earth’s temperature has leveled out for more than 10 years in spite of increasing CO2.  This leveling was not predicted by the many climate models and its cause has not yet been determined.  This is huge, but it doesn’t mean that the earth’s temperature won’t zoom upward in the years ahead, but still, it needs to be explained and not hidden from view as climate scientists seem to do as though the general population were boobs.   The original news releases and interviews that hid critical information are linked to below, the ones that Judy Curry addresses. “Hey” climate community, we can take it!

In reading the article below you will understand,  why,  for me, Judy Curry, a high profile scientist, a top Arctic researcher and climate scientist, head of the Atmos Sci Department at Georgia Tech, epitomizes the ideals of science by speaking out when scientists spin their results and leave out HUGE issues.  It would be so much safer for her not to speak out, particularly as a CO-AUTHOR of the studies that are being discussed (!).    It is likely that most climate scientists, for example those represented in Climategate, would rather have her, at least in effigy, burned at the stake like poor Joan of Arc, or at least not speak out at all.  You deserve the Rossby Medal, Judy!  The Rossby Medal is the highest accolade awarded by the American Meteorological Society.


One of the many articles/interviews  that accompanied the original news release of these studies prior to peer review  (have we forgotten the misstep in this regard that ruined Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann with their “cold fusion” claim to the press? I guess so):



OK, enough adrenalin there, now on to LOCAL WEATHER————————–

The forecast models continue to show a bit of RAIN in SE Arizona around the 8th-9th of….November.    This bit of rain, probably less than 0.25 inches,  has been shown on most, but not all runs, for about a week now, a good sign that it will actually happen!

Below, some cloud decoration for this writeup (Cumulus humilis, Cumulus fractus).  But, get yer cameras ready.   Some middle and high clouds are floating over right now, and we should see some great sunrise color.  After all, its one of the reasons why we are here!

The End