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Clouds without comment

Pinching the old Consumer Reports segment, “Quotes without Comment” page from decades ago,  for a title.  But after that title, I changed my mind and will write a coupla captions.

What drought?  This giant weed popped up in the middle of an agave plant.  Spurted up about two feet a day in the backyard!
What drought? This gigantic weed popped up in the middle of an agave plant recently. Spurted up about two feet a day in the backyard!  Proabably some kind of wild asparagus. Must be over-watering this year since it sure as hell didn’t come up last year.   Wonder if its edible?  Cirrus clouds form the backdrop.


Morning Cirrus.
Cirrus patch trying to be Altocumulus perlucidus, but way too cold for that, its all ice, not liquid at all as an Ac per would be. Sounding indicates our CIrrus clouds are between 35 and 40 KFT above sea level, temps up there between -40 (also -40 F) and -50 C.  So, cold air is fairly close by, only a few miles away really.
Hot dog. Bubba wanted to go out of the cool confines of the house, and I wanted to stay in to see what the little guy wanted to do,  and why,  when its 104 F outside. He chose a place on the boiling cement IN the sun, quite happy it seemed, until I brought him in after about TWENTY minutes! Almost as amazing as having a wild asparagus shoot up 40 feet in your backyard for no reason except maybe over-watering.
Monster trying to grab something.
Sunset (last evening’s).

 The weather ahead

Wish it could tell you there was some rain ahead, maybe tomorrow, but…I’d be lying again as I do from time to time.  Nothing in sight.


The End.