An extraordinary June 16th

Not only did Tucson set a daily record for rain on June 16th with 0.29 inches, breaking the old record of 0.20 inches that fell in 1918 (!), but here in Catalina, the 0.11 inches was the first measurable rain on June 16th in the 35-year combined record maintained at Our Garden, and then here for the… Continue reading An extraordinary June 16th

Dr. Dust Devil, Peter C. Sinclair

With no weather in view for the next week or so, and with June being “dust devil” month in Arizona, it seemed appropriate to reference the work of Dr. Peter C. Sinclair, University of Arizona, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, 1960s.   Read all of his journal articles because I liked dust devils myself….  Don’t we all… Continue reading Dr. Dust Devil, Peter C. Sinclair