A little “troughy” here on Saturday and Sunday

Best chance for rain here, and its not that great, is later Saturday and Sunday AM as an upper level trough comes by, one that includes that bit of poor Paul, who died at sea.  Here’s what that trough looks like when its about over Catalina at 8 AM Sunday morning, this map due to… Continue reading A little “troughy” here on Saturday and Sunday

A Stratocumulus Monday

Yesterday gave us “Catalonians” the perfect example of Stratocumulus clouds.   But why didn’t it rain from those dark clouds, save a few drops, maybe even a brief drizzle episode that mostly moved across Saddlebrooke around 9 AM? Those Stratocumulus clouds were GENERALLY not cold enough at cloud top to have ice crystals form in… Continue reading A Stratocumulus Monday