Your cloud dairy for May 9th

Haha, most readers won’t even notice! But maybe some cow-centric, instead of cloud-centric, folks will drop by, raising the worth of this blog to above $35 if sold….that according to a “biz” site. Had a rainbow yesterday. Hope you noticed. It was pretty early and overhead west. I think the clouds did not have ice… Continue reading Your cloud dairy for May 9th

Good muddy morning, Mr. and Mrs. Catalina!

Well, it finally happened, we got shafted royally (as CM likes to say, referring to getting rain shafted) yesterday afternoon with a badly needed 1.09 inches here in Sutherland Heights.  More than 2 inches fell nearby, too, such as near the intersection of Hwy 77 and 79!  The highlight of the storm was, of course,… Continue reading Good muddy morning, Mr. and Mrs. Catalina!

Creepy Stratus fractus

Well, that cloud WAS “creeping” toward us after suddenly appearing on Pusch Ridge at dawn…  Looky here:   ———– With Halloween only 10 and half months away, I thought I would “get in the mood” and make up a little creepy-ness for the little kids who read this blog. Hi, kids! Hope you didn’t get… Continue reading Creepy Stratus fractus

Arizona: the Emerald State

Now THAT was a monsoon-like day yesterday, one right out of the western state of Kerala, India; the thick rain of mid-morning, seemingly thicker than most here, the clothes-gripping humidity outside, the strip of fog on the side of the western Ghats, oops, Catalina Mountains, the relatively gentle breezes in the rain, the subdued green… Continue reading Arizona: the Emerald State