Hawai’i in Arizona

Yesterday, in the wake of TD Odile, it was about as Hawaiian a day in Arizona as you are ever likely to see. First, the high dewpoints, ones that replicate those in HI, mid and upper 60s (69-70 F in HNL right now), cloud base temperatures of around 60 F, and with misty, even drizzly… Continue reading Hawai’i in Arizona

Dial “O” for rain; Odile that is

Unless the younger folks watch Turner Classic Movies or something like that, they will be clueless about what ther the reference to “dialing” is in the title.  Oh, well.  Heck, who even remembers what a Walkman was these days? The heavy cloud shield of TS Odile is moving in with some light, spotty rain hereabouts… Continue reading Dial “O” for rain; Odile that is