A pretty trash Wednesday

Wednesdays here in Catalinaland are, of course, trash and recycling days.  And, along with T and R day, we found ourselves amidst some pretty pretty scenes, and in some cases, extraordinary ones,….and a little rain (a trace here in The Heights).   I reprise those scenes in case you missed them; you probably did because… Continue reading A pretty trash Wednesday

Fog and Cumulus; Mr. Frosty ahead?

An unusual sight yesterday:  bulging dawn Cumulus fronted by fog.  These Cumulus (not spawned by ground currents) suggest instability aloft, a rapid decline in temperatures with increasing height, which allows the buoyancy of “warmish air” in-cloud  surrounded by cooler air to go up,  whilst fog1 suggests the opposite; cold, damp, heavy air that can’t go… Continue reading Fog and Cumulus; Mr. Frosty ahead?