A sports metaphor for climategate

Climategate and football: together at last!

Here it is again, after being gone for a few years:

Climategate: The Point After

Here’s what I mean by this sub title:  the one-page piece was originally (almost) submitted to the journal Science as a potential Guest Editorial concerning Climategate in January  2010 when it was more timely.

However, after getting an MS number (submission ID 145720), and listing five potential reviewers (an odious practice that I believe should be banned), a communication from Science about two months later informed me that it had NOT been submitted!  How could that be?  Since it was no longer football season when I got that e-mail from Science, and the Climategate issue had subsided, I decided to “bail” on the effort to get it in.

One particular e-mail in Climategate hit my hot button, since working as a skeptic in the cloud seeding domain (see list of publications), it was clear that I had been subject to the kinds of thoughts expressed in the e-mail that leads into the editorial I wrote.   I have no doubt that this is why some manuscipts that I have submitted to journals on cloud seeding were rejected.  They weren’t rejected because they were wrong, but more likely because the conclusions were not ones that the reviewers wanted to hear, nor perhaps  the Editors, for that matter, the latter who chose the reviewers, knowing exactly what the likely outcomes will be regarding publication when they do that.

So, here it is in the link below:  Football and Climategate , together for the first time a Guest Editorial that didn’t quite get submitted to the journal Science.  BTW, the reviewers I listed?  Kerry Emanuel, Richard Lindzen, Judy Curry, Donald Kennedy, and Roger Pielke, Sr.  

This short editorial piece, which really had no chance to appear in the uppity journal, Science due to my modest credentials, was updated (in 2011)  to reflect the upcoming NCAA national championship football game between the Oregon Duck and the Auburn Tigers.  (If this game is a battle of mascots, there is no contest.)  

I still feel strongly about the Climategate issue and that the gravity of it still has not been appropriately addressed so that’s why I wrote it.


Yes, little, under-credentialed “Artie” Rangno, with no advanced degree,  was trying to get an editorial published in the jumbo journal, Science.