“Storm” total climbs to 0.10 inches with latest 0.02 inches!

People were wearing jackets as temperatures got locked down below 80° F the past few days, the wind blew once in a while, sometime lifting baseball caps off “gray hairs”, and gray skies hovered over Sutherland Heights for TWO and a half days! A surprise, few-minute gusher in the early afternoon yesterday was enough to… Continue reading “Storm” total climbs to 0.10 inches with latest 0.02 inches!

Dust up

Cloud maven persons certainly saw this from the beginning;  that scruff of something dark coming over the hills from the  Avra Valley late yesterday afternoon.  Here it is: The rest of the story, as Paul Harvey used to say, was that the wind suddenly gushed in Catalina, estimated to 40 mph, briefly with a bit… Continue reading Dust up

Gritting it out

This message with these astounding reports was passed along the evening before the dust hit Catalina by Mark Albright of the U of WA.  I didn’t see it until yesterday morning.  In fact, Mr. Cloud Maven person did not see the dust coming yesterday, was asleep at the wheel doing a professional task1. Still, these… Continue reading Gritting it out

April showers and why

From your Pima County ALERT gauges, these 24 h totals ending at 3 AM this morning (covers the whole storm): Gauge                        24                Name                        Location     ID#      minutes    hours           —-     —-       —-        —-       —-         —-       —————–            ——————— Catalina Area     1010                   0.04      Golder Ranch                 Horseshoe Bend Road… Continue reading April showers and why

Dusty Sunset..

..will be playing your favorite western tunes in the inimitable style of Johnny Cash at the Whistling Cactus Bar and Hitching Post this Friday and Saturday…  :}   (Hahahaha;  “inimitable style of Johnny Cash”; that means Cash’s style can’t be imitated!)1 6:37 AM: I see now that there’s a lot more dust than last evening! Wow.… Continue reading Dusty Sunset..

Tracy day; OK sunset, too

BTW, finally got a “submission” in late yesterday about our neat storm after what was deemed a power outage of some type affecting the hosting service yesterday.  After re-reading it, perhaps I had too much time to think about it… Oh, well, onward. First, from yesterday, a day with occasional sprinkles, dessert:      … Continue reading Tracy day; OK sunset, too

“Great Unexpectations” (0.38 inches fell when almost none was expected)

Of course, the title refers to Dickens’ little known sequel (and frankly, a lightly regarded one)  to his popular, “Great Expectations”.  Dickens fully expected that by rushing out another novel similar to “Expectations” that a financial success similar to the one that  “Expectations” had garnered for him would be easily acheived. However, like most sequels,… Continue reading “Great Unexpectations” (0.38 inches fell when almost none was expected)

Catalina to be “wind capital” of North America tomorrow afternoon

There’s the “artichoke capital of the world” in Castroville, CA, but here in Catalina we’ll the “wind capital” of all of North America tomorrow afternoon.   Its great to be the “capital” of something, anything!  Thought you would like to know about the wind, maybe glue on your baseball cap in preparation for extreme winds tomorrow,… Continue reading Catalina to be “wind capital” of North America tomorrow afternoon

Dusty cool snap at hand

In MINUTES, the temperature will head downward as our long foretold (remember the spaghetti plots?) , “dusty cool snap” finally arrives.  This time, from Intellicast,  you can see below the blob coming, that blob of much lower temperatures with an epicenter at Las Vegas. Unfortunately, there are few clouds with this system, oh, maybe enough… Continue reading Dusty cool snap at hand