Arizona: the Emerald State

Now THAT was a monsoon-like day yesterday, one right out of the western state of Kerala, India; the thick rain of mid-morning, seemingly thicker than most here, the clothes-gripping humidity outside, the strip of fog on the side of the western Ghats, oops, Catalina Mountains, the relatively gentle breezes in the rain, the subdued green… Continue reading Arizona: the Emerald State

Rainy days and Saturdays

Nice sunset yesterday….as some Stratocumulus spread over the sky underneath a pesky Cirrus cloud cover, clouds that announced the beginning of our next rain spell, now underway. Light rain is falling this morning at 4:07 AM, and has been for hours, amounting to 0.01 inches.  However, some places in Pima Land have gotten much nicer rains, around… Continue reading Rainy days and Saturdays

On a clear day you can see Flagstaff

Of course, you can’t see the TOWN of Flagstaff, you silly person, the title was just a hook to get you here to read about clouds!  The earth curves too much for you to see Flagstaff, for Pete’s Sake. How could you even imagine that such a title could be true? But, you CAN see… Continue reading On a clear day you can see Flagstaff