A pleasant 0.03 inches

Not sure even the dust noticed, but we had a brief shower around 8:30 PM that actually measured with 0.03 inches!  After the spectacular sunset, indicating a large clearing to the WSW, it seemed doubtful we would even get that.  But, what do I know after these past few days?

Below, an example of a nice sunset due to Altostratus clouds (overhead);  “file footage” really, since I had a rare missed shot of that one last evening).

With rain still out to the west and north of us right now (go here to see this 12 h loop of clouds and radar echoes from IPS Meteostar) there is still a chance of more measurable rain later today or overnight.  Still, the configuration aloft will not be favorable for anything of consequence; likely we’ll just a few more hundredths.  But, what do I know#2?

Also, you will see something dreadful regarding that possibility of rain.  A blast of clouds riding on a high level north wind coming out of Nevada and Utah, heading straight for our little system around northern Baja, that will try to keep any rain to the south of us.  The models, such as this one from the University of Washington, have us just on the north edge of any precip.

As so often happens, our models seem to always see another rain in the future, rains that so often fail to materialize.  This time the rain “mirage” is for Sunday, November 20th.  Oh, well, something to think about.

Have some climo data for Catalina, about 35 years worth and will be posting that in the next day or two.  Past records help you dream about what could be in a winter or summer.  Can you imagine that little ol’ Catalina has had almost 30 inches of rain in a year a couple of times? Imagine how the washes ran!

The End.