“Back in Black”, cloud bases, that is

Few people know that Angus Young, lead singer for AC/DC, was quite the weather nut and many of his songs, such as “Back in Black”, are actually about clouds and storms.  Thought you’d like to know so that when you get your old AC/DC albums out, they’ll have a little more meaning to them…  What about the AC/DC song, “Hell’s Bells”, you ask?  Its interesting that you have asked me about that.   Here’s the story behind that one:  well, that was about a forecast of rain that didn’t materialize there in Australia. Its mostly desert there, like here.  Mr. Young was pretty upset about it, apparently.

Some cloud bottoms for you from yesterday.  Nice to see the return of the summer rains.  Only 0.07 inches here, but I was quite happy to see that heavier showers fell elsewhere,  all around me,  in fact,  and perhaps in droughty areas that needed more rain than I do (face turning red, fist pounding table).  No, it REALLY was good to see others get more rain than me, and watch the summer “spectacle of the rainshafts” way off in the distance underneath those Cumulonimbus clouds.  I like spectating rather than participating, that is, being inside those rainshafts (face turning red, fist pounding table).

On with the picture show:









That sunset scene last evening;  the slot of clearing that allowed the yellowish sunlight to bath the rocky faces of the Catalinas, followed by sunset color in the underlit clouds overhead. Can one’s thoughts not shift away from self and problems, to the joy of being here in this special place?

The End.