Calming Cirrus

Feeling better now after some calming Cirrus uncinus and spissatus moved in yesterday.  Wasn’t sure we could have clouds anymore here above Catalina, AZ.  Really, there’s nothing like some uncinus and spissatus to make you feel better after  you get worked up over some global cooling stuff you thought was wrong.  And that nice sunset later on didn’t hurt either.   Its great to get stuff out after stewing over it for a few years, too.  Next, will certainly have to correct that National Academy of Sciences report on cloud seeding that came out back in 2003.   Still upset over some stuff in there….  Got our (Hobbs and mine) work wrong!  Unbelievable.  What were they thinking?!  Don’t think they read some of the things they cited!  They will be scolded royally after I have thought about it some more…

Oops, hope we have some more calming Cirrus today.

The End.