Catalina summer rainfall 1977-2010: there is no trend

OK, no fooling around today with HUGE text boxes with book length ramblings, just the facts:

Catalina inches of summer rain

These data again mostly due to the friendly folks Wayne and Jenny down at Our Garden here in Catalina.  Since they are open today, Saturday, it would be great if you went down and bought everything they had as a gesture of appreciation for collecting weather data over so many years.  Its really invaluable since there are no other data in this area.  The data for 2008-2010 are from a gauge here near  where the pavement ends on E. Golder Ranch Drive, or at a somewhat higher altitude than the earlier measurements.  Note the lack of a trend, not getting droughtier in the summers. Yay!

Its always fun to look at past data and dream about excess wetness, as we had here in for two summers in the early 1980s.  Imagine, in 1983,  June through September logged over 17 inches of rain!  Our annual average is about 17.5 inches here in Catalina.  Note this annual average is considerably more than locations that are relatively close where in general, averages such as at Tucson are closer to 12 inches per year.


A welcome sight was a few evening Altocumulus clouds creeping past the Catalinas yesterday as tropical air begins making its return.  Mods have rain in the area beginning tomorrow and continuing for several days at least thereafter.  We’re just beginning the height of the summer rain season (sorry, I can’t say “monsoon”;  monsoons are in India and SE Asia.   We don’t call hurricanes,  “typhoons” do we?  Never mind;  just don’t like “monsoon.”  Its a quirk.  We all have them, so I don’t feel bad at all having quite a few quirks.)