Cooking with solar; dusty cool snap still ahead (25th or so)

It was 99 F here in Catalina yesterday.

Spinning entity in AZ today.  See it here in the water vapor imagery from the Huskies, the Washington ones.  Not much moisture with it, but we did see a couple of….. of…..yes, “Cumulus fractus” yesterday, maybe one big enough to be a humilis, if “big” and “humilis” can be used in the same sentence.  In case you missed them:

No ice.

The zoomed shot is because Mr. Cloud-maven person could detect a “pyrocumulus” on top of the Crown King fire on the horizon.  Can you?

Here’s the sat image, also from the Huskies, and you can see the tiniest little white spec on the top of the smoke on the left side.

Likely more Cumulus today.  Yay.

At least some hot air relief is on the doorstep as a couple of weak troughs buzz the State in the next couple of days, but then its back to The Oven for a couple more.

However, after that, a much bigger cool down is still ahead…

Dusty Coolsnap coming to town

I wish there was a western singer by that name because I would probably buy his/her records.

Anyway, he’s coming to town around the 24-25th-26th, and its going to be real windy, REALLY windy with a lot of dust around, but then we won’t be cooking with solar so much then.

This is due to “big trough” implanting itself in the Southwest then.  Will cause a lot of weather mayhem in the West for late May.  Here are some scenes from the upcoming “show”, courtesy of IPS Meteostar:  Opening the show will be The Ovens, with their hot rendition of 102 degrees (or more) here in Catalina on the 21st.

It will be so great to see “Dusty” after that! Hahahaha.  Oh, well, I’m trying really hard here.

OK….now look at all the isobars in the maps below, valid for the afternoon of the 24th and then the 25th! Bunched in the State of AZ those days around that huge low center, first in southern Nevada and then,  the next day,  over Needles, CA!  Wow.  It just sits there!  This is going to be fun, something besides hot air to think about.

Note, too, all that precip that creeps down into southern Nevada on the 25th.  Sadly, that’s about as close as it gets to us here in Catalina.  Oh, well, maybe things will “improve” for us as the event gets closer in the models.   The real cool down is after the low goes by,  after the 25th.

The End.