Cumulus humilis and distant icy tops

3:05 PM. Classic Cumulus humilis (aka, “pancakeus”).  Its not a bad thing to be humilis.
4:03 PM. Here you got yer corral, yer horse poop and pee (dark area of soil in foreground), and off on the NW-N horizon, glaciating Cumulus tops;  shallow Cbs most likely. Some rain up that way, of course.  Don’t needa radar once you detect that ice. You did detect it didn’t you?

In case you don’t believe me again, see below!  You can also find a few small amounts here in the USGS network.

24 h radar-derived precip totals for AZy.
24 h radar-derived precip totals for AZy (from WSI Intellicast)  denoted by bluish regions.  Not much more than a tenth was reported in USGS gauges,  which is what’s indicated here by radar.


More bigger Cu, likely some ice/virga visible.  U of AZ mod thinks rain will be to the east and south of us.  Darn.  But, if you’re horny for rain, might be worth a family trip to, say, Douglas, take in a few drops.  Nice town, Douglas.

WAY ahead

Big changes still ahead, though lately mod runs haven’t had as big of a wet change here as I would like to see, so not reporting on that.


The End.