Don’t like the overnight model runs; greatly reduce precip for Catalinians

So, I am just going to ignore them until the next model runs, and not say anything right now.  Feeling chastened (once again) after all the rain enthusiasm I had.

Clouds?  Look for a lot of Altostratus/Cirrostratus (ice clouds) way up there; might look dark at times, but too high to precip, namely the kind of clouds we saw yesterday afternoon around 5 PM LST (see below).   Might be some nice sunrise/sunset photo ops.

The End.

PS:  After looking at this loop from the University of Washington for the western hemisphere, it looks like the As/Cs clouds will be eventually accompanied by some Altocumulus clouds (mostly comprised of droplets clouds) because they are lower and warmer than As/Cs.  And since they are ejecting from the tropics toward us, a good bet is for some “Ac cas”  (Altocumulus with turrets -“castellanus”).  I like Ac cas.   They will help ease the pain of these latest model runs….