Good model

I like this model output from “12Z” this morning, and so I thought my other reader besides me would like it, too.

These are the latest gov’t models as repackaged by IPS Meteostar–they do a great job at presenting weather stuff.

These are for the afternoons of September 29th and 30th, respectively.  Note hurricane (low center) passing over Cabo San Lucas on the 29th.  Fantastic.   It is not the same low they had in the Mexican Pacific before of which I spoke.  Its an even better (stronger) one.  Not only that, in the days after I mentioned the possibility of AZ rain from a tropical storm, there were some “bad” model runs which either had no tropical storm, or showed a tropical storm moving off into the Pacific and not moving this way.   That made which those model runs quite bad, and not even worth mentioning.  But now I am happy again.

A note of explanation:  the areas of colors from green to blue to pink are where the model thinks it has rained during the past 12 h.  Blue and pink are where a lot more rain than in green areas is forecast to fall.  Note all the green in droughty AZ and NM!  This could be a really nice rain, one that might keep the remaining green weeds green for a little longer, IF the models verify.

Lastly, a picture of some greenish weeds around the State Trust Lands above Catalina land yesterday FYI.

The End