Hurricane “Q” to slam Tucson in a coupla weeks (in model run)

Remember Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and the  “Q” character?  Well, this has nothing to do with that TEEVEE show, though I liked the opening theme song.  Very majestic; truly a gigantic feel to it, as is needed for outer space travel.  Too bad Aaron Copland couldn’t compose something like that.

Well,  as with the character Q in Star Trek, who was imaginary1, not real, I have just learned that there is no “Hurricane Q” after “Patricia” (P).  If you don’t believe me, check this out while also learning how to pronounce words.

I think its WRONG to skip a letter in the alphabet, and skipping a letter in the English alphabet as though it didn’t exist, could be confusing to those learning English, when naming hurricanes.   So I am going to call the next eastern Pac hurricane, “Q”2.   “Q”, after slamming Baja Central,  is forecast to cause an imaginary flood in Tucson (see maps below).   Also,  since “Q” moves really fast, we probably wouldn’t get more than a few inches of rain here.

BTW, these output maps are from the WRF-GFS model run from global measurements taken  5 PM AST last evening.   The WRF-GFS model is deemed the USA’s best, though its not as good as the ones in Europe as we know.

Also, these maps are valid in  about two weeks from now, so the placement of  “Q”  on them is truly imaginary.

Anyway, I thought I would waste your time with this interesting model scenario.  “Q” looks awfully strong, maybe a 3 or higher category hurricane, too.  That will probably verify I think.

Will waste more of your time if more of these kind of maps below show up (maybe 5% chance) since they excite.

Valid in 348 h! (From IPS MeteoStar)
Valid in 348 h! (From IPS MeteoStar)
Valid in 360 h!
Valid in 360 h!  Getting more excited and enlarged annotation font.

The End.


1Well not so imaginary that he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page all to himself.

2The authorities will call it “Rick”,  NOT “Q”.