I demand a million dollars to continue blogging; an announcement

Or rather, I think exede.com, an internet satellite provider arm of Viasat does, so going into hibernation.  i thought the title, too, reflected some of the crassness that occasionally appears here, in a kidding way, of course.

After losing Comcast at our previous residence after moving to Sutherland Heights, because C-cast doesn’t serve the rustic Sutherland Heights neighborhood, I signed up with exede.com at the recommendation of a neighbor.  I was surprised that I didn’t see much difference in speeds uploading and downloading between Comcast and the satellite pipe.  I was pretty darn happy with exede.com

I see a huge difference now.

In only 14 days I have used up an alloted 15 GB of internet activity per 30 days using exede.com, whereas I never exceeded any limit browsing weather with Comcast.  I don’t view movies on my computer, except the U of AZ time lapse ones once in awhile, and occasionally a YouTube video of a song.

I had no idea what my usage would be with exede.  Didn’t need such a number with Comcast doing what I do every day.

But to add just 1 GB more of browsing capacity with exede.com, will cost me $10 I am informed on its “buy more” web page, and the rate stays like this when adding up to 9 GB more ($90).  But even that larger amount would be used up in but a few days I see now, and so it will be prohibitively expensive to continue doing what I have been doing the rest of my 30 day period in a time frame I can work in.  This 30-day allotment period ends in mid-September and at that time, I will get another 15 GB.  So, between 5 AM and 11 PM, I can do nothing on the internet except maybe get and send e-mail.  Gads, hope that didn’t quit too!

There is a free surfing time zone in exede.com, from Midnight to 5 AM Local Time, and that’s why I was up at 3 AM this morning.  Since I have never finished one of these blogs before 5 AM, (usually they’re sort of finished between 5:30 and 7 AM) even when getting up around 3:30 AM-4:30 AM,  as I regularly do.  You end up browsing a lot of weather imagery while putting these together, chosing this or that one that you think someone out there might like to see.

Oh, well.  May now picket Comcast down on Cortaro Farms Road for redlining Sutherland Heights…..

In the 50 minutes I have remaining before 5 AM, here are some thoughts on yesterday’s clouds:  pumped up and then deflated.

Got pretty worked up when seeing an early riser distant south of us, down I-19 way toward Nogales, a Cumulonimbus protruding above breaks in the Stratocumulus and Cumulus clouds, that demonstrated the air was pretty ripe for some large showers without a lot of heating. Also, it appeared that the sky was going to clear off some more.

12:39 PM.
12:39 PM.

Had a lot of hope that not much heating was required when this pretty cloud appeared to the northwest of us in the early afternoon.

1:56 PM.  Cumulus congestus builds northwest of Catalina, but then fell apart.
1:56 PM. Cumulus congestus builds northwest of Catalina, but then fell apart.
3:36 PM. Occasional light rain fell intermittently on the Catalinas, though.


3:17 PM. One heavy shaft appeared out of the Seattle-like gloom to the west of the Tortolitas.

Got 21 minutes left now….let’s see….how much rain did the Catalina Mountains get?  Looks like the max was 0.47 inches at Dan Saddle on Oracle Ridge.  The most in the USGS gages for all of AZ was 1.77 inches, over near Glennwood, NM.  Both very nice totals.  More coming today.  16 minutes left….after checking

U of AZ mod run from 11 PM data not past 11 AM this morning, but sat imagery shows huge stream of clouds heading this way.  Have to believe rain chances are higher than yesterday, but I am biased toward rain occurrences, always.  Hahahah, sort of.


The End