I think you should see this….


and this:


from our venerable U of AZ Department of Atmospheric Meteorology.  They’re both quite good outputs with substantial Catalina rains in them.

Yep, MEASURABLE rain is in the bag!  Virtually certain!

Amounts?  Mod examined above says we’re in the 0.25 to 0.50 inches, with more, of course, on Ms. Mt. Lemmon and Cat Mountains.  Begins tomorrow evening after dark.  Watch out for a slightly earlier onset of rain here than the 10 PM AST in the second model, IMO.

Should have some nice looking Cirrus today,  and maybe a couple of Altocumulus flakes, too.  Don’t forget to log them in your weather diary.

Out of town relatives here today, so quitting before blabbing too much.  “Yay”, you say…

The End.