Images of heaven

Not is one1.

But rather these many “Panels of Rain” from our friends at IPS MeteoStar, rendered from yesterday’s 18 Z WRF-GFS model run, these suggesting an earnest few days start to our summer rain season beginning around June 24th. 2015061518_CON_GFS_SFC_SLP_THK_PRECIP_WINDS_228-1  2015061518_CON_GFS_SFC_SLP_THK_PRECIP_WINDS_252 2015061518_CON_GFS_SFC_SLP_THK_PRECIP_WINDS_264 2015061518_CON_GFS_SFC_SLP_THK_PRECIP_WINDS_276 2015061518_CON_GFS_SFC_SLP_THK_PRECIP_WINDS_288

Since these are probably wrong….but we can hope.

The End



11980s techno-pop hit.  You remember the 80s don’t you?  B-52s? Black Flag? Oingo Boingo?  Circle Jerks?  The Residents? Jello Biafra and the Dead Kennedys and their “Holiday in Cambodia3” hit, celebrating Pol Pot?  Of course you do.  You probably had a mohawk haircut, too.  Maybe acted out on stage during midnight showings of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”….

2Sometimes mistakenly called the “monsoon.”  The “monsoon” actually occurs in Asia, centered around India.  Our American Indians did not call our summer rain season, “the monsoon” and neither should we.  We don’t call hurricanes, “typhoons” do we?  OK, this is a pitiful commentary, but I like it.

3Used it in seminar….that’s right, to set the mood for a cloud seeding talk.