In the Dead Zone yesterday; evap coolers to fail again today as more humidity moves in

You can the excessive humidity we have here on this nice map from the U of AZ this morning.  Its represented by dewpoint temperatures, the temperature at which the air must be cooled to have condensation.  Our dewpoints, up from yesterday are running in the mid-60s;  66 F at TUS and 65 F here in Catalina.

Don’t expect your evap coolers to work too good today, and when they don’t work too good, expect rain.  (BTW, I am really great at forecasting rain, very few forecasts I make lack something about rain in them whether it occurs or not-like yesterday.

However, our real summer rain experts, ones that did send out their special e-mails, were quite aware that things weren’t right yesterday. Check this out if you are so inclined.  I love to get these since I need to be learned up on summer rain here; still a lotta ignorance going on.

Yesterday WAS shocking in a sense that the many shafts of rain expected expected in THIS area from this computer keyboard did not materialize, only that one off toward Twin Peaks-Avra toward evening, and that nice line of distant Cumulonimbus clouds to the NW (not shown today). 

Its amazing that with all that humidity YESTERDAY morning, we ended up being in the Dead Zone.  Take a look at this satellite image from the University of Washington at 3:45 PM AST. Look at the clean slot there, marked by the arrow. Dang! Oh, well, TODAY will be different!  Expected to get “shafted” (rain shafted) royally around here, at least we should see some, and this time the U of AZ model output is on board, though only has a brief mid-afternoon cell in our area and that’s it for us (this from the 11 PM AST run here).  This will be updated later this morning.  Gee, with all this humidity, I would expect to see more than that, but don’t feel I am on solid ground due to yesterday’s diappointment.

Here’s the AZ radar-derived map from showing that 1-2 inches fell just north of us!

Have to go now…will likely blab more later.

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