This loop.  Its got Catalina rain in it.  Can you tell when from the jet on these maps?  It would be so great if you could.  Might get another star on that CMJ Deluxe Mark IV Hail HelmetTM you put on when its about to graupel or hail, only $4 plus $150 for postage and handling.  (Helmet cam and ruler for reporting size, extra.)

I have relatives visiting and I don’t feel, in good conscience, I should spend too much time visiting with others…well, “visiting with others”; its actually more or less with “me, myself and I”,  as we used to say, chortling away at some silly thing I’ve said to myself like what I just said up there.  Must give attention elsewhere.


PS:  Generally clouds are boring, but I have reached the saturation point with Altostratus!  Go away!