Its back! After going away on the model runs for a couple of days and I didn’t want to tell you about it thinking it could come back because the models can be kind of dicey on these things and it did

That vexious tropical storm is once again shown to move northward into Baja Cal and then its remnants move into the SW, combine with a winter-like upper air trough, and together produce some good AZ rains.  After a period of depression about this tropical depression going to the west and dying instead of into AZ as I had mentioned in two earlier “statements” here, I can be happy again.

Here are a couple of examples from last night’s NCEP model runs from IPS Meteor Star:  The areas of color are areas of rain.  It takes a couple of more days (last panel) for that tropical air to be bound up and wrung out by that winter-like cool trough (last panel).

In the meantime, we can be thrilled, I tell you, with interesting Altocumulus castellanus and floccus with virga here and there today and maybe tomorrow, too.  Those clouds make for great sunrise and sunset color.