“If its 110 degrees, can thunder be far behind?”


Here from IPS Meteostar, a favorite place to look at weather, this.

Only 13 days from now.  Heavy rain shown for SE Arizona!
Valid only 12-13 days from now, July 9th at 5 AM Local. Heavy rain (blue region) shown for SE Arizona during the preceding 12 h ending at 5 AM!  (More simply: “overnight.”

Sure, could be illusory as we know, but it does demonstrate that we are deep into the summer rain season by July 9th, as predicted by the seasonal outlook from the U of AZ.  After the past desiccating months, fingers crossed.

Also, let us consume some spaghetti to see if there is any truth to this rain at all:

Valid July 9th at 5 AM Local
Valid July 9th at 5 AM Local

Yes! I love spaghetti! Upper high in correct position for good rains here, around the Four Corners area (area lacking lines), so that heavy rain COULD actually happen!

BTW, hope TV Weatherman George comes back.  He is very, very good.  I know I tease about TEEVEE weathermen, but maybe its only jealously, and also I don’t think I could do their job, too much (non-atmospheric) pressure!  I might say something awful, in a happy talk context:

“Too bad about those people in that plane crash, but, ‘hey’, how about those Wildcats!”

No, it really does take some real explanatory and graphics skills to do TV weather these days, plus be likeable on top of those.  George has those skills and attributes.