“Keep them storms a rollin’, ‘maw-del!'” (add crack of bullwhip here)

Title properly sung to “Rawhide1“, a western theme song for a TEEVEE show known by heart by all us TEEVEE viewers of old, and how it might be sung today by a weather-centric cowboy, one that lived in “a area” of drought, like us.

On with the story…

There was a couple “stray” model runs (hahaha) yesterday, ones that dried up all the storms but the BIG ONE tomorrow night and Friday.  Those runs were quite bad ones; looked like the CDO wash today.

It had been penned from this keyboard recently, if you can say, “penned” in the context of a keyboard, that a SERIES of storms were on their way to Catalina after the drencher Thursday night into Friday, so I had a vested interest in not showing those runs.

I know, too, when you read that C-M person had said that there were a lot of storms coming that you were probably ecstatic.  Maybe thought the drought might be vanquished by “a few good storms” over the next two weeks to a month.  Maybe you did something fun that day after you read what I posted about a lot of storms ahead; maybe called in sick and went to Ms. Mt. Lemmon to see if you could see some precursor clouds off to the west.

Therefore, having written about all those storms in my last post, I had the responsibility to ignore the later model runs with no rain in them (after Friday) and wait for those other rains to re-appear.  (Its funny, but it happens.)

I am pleased to report, after not telling you about those dry model runs, that the series of rain days the model had before have magically re-appeared, though no as “juicy” as before, and I can resume telling you about them!  This is so great!

Here are a couple of examples from last night’s WRF-GFS run from data taken around the world at 5 PM AST, the first for Sunday morning, 5 AM AST. The two panels below are posted in smaller sizes because they have less credibility being as far in advance as they are; click on them for a larger view.

What about the drencher coming in tomorrow night and Friday?  Let’s let the highly paid TEEVEE weather practitioners take that today.  They’ll be all over it, and they’ll do fine. I’m sure… They’re all pretty good.

Sunday afternoon, the 19th, new rains approach.
Morning of the 27th. Good fantasy rain here; too far out to count on, but. “hey” its something to write about!








Yesterday’s sunset

What would a C-M be without a sunset picture, this of Cirrus clouds.

5:27 PM.



1Frankie Laine remindner here; a great song with a lot about weather and flooding in it; cuss word, too, bold for those days.  Had Clint Eastwood in it; whodda guessed he’d be still making movies 100 years later?