Local meteorologist announces Catalina rain event


For Release:  Immediate

A local meteorologist and Catalina resident held a news conference earlier today and announced that rain will fall in Catalina on Friday, December 14th.  Few exact details were announced, but it was stated that the rain will begin before dawn on Friday, December 14th and last most of the day.  The exact amount was not stated, but it was said that there would be at least 0.25 inches, but not more than 1.00000 inches, noting that the storm has the potential to be a “real drencher” if it approaches the top end of the forecast.

Such a rain, it was pointed out, would only be the second such rain since the water year began on October 1st.  That prior rain of 0.48 inches, fell on November 9th, more than one month ago.

A few images of raindrops were presented to remind Catalina residents of what to look for on December 14th.

Prior to this news conference and due to the long dry spell, it was believed by many Catalina residents that winter rain might not fall again.  No rain is expected prior to the December 14th event.

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