Looking ahead to February…to keep rain in the Catalina future

Forgetting about that rain foretold in the models sometime in a January 21st-23rd window there for awhile,  there might be a big storm at the start of February!

Trying to distract you from that earlier though of rain in just a few days because now the models think the core of the jet stream and rain/precip with it will only affect the northern portions of the State of AZ.  The last few runs have been COMPLETELY dry here and so going into a funk.

But, “hay”, look below at this dreamy (read, probably “unreliable”) output for February 1st at 11 PM LST (whole sequence here, click on 06 Z run time)!

Oh, well, its the best I can do to talk about rain/snow in Catalina now.   Sometimes its tough being a precipomaniac in a desert.

Clouds?  With the jet streaming near us, but to the north, we should see lots of nice cirrus-ee sunsets and sunrises from time to time over the next few days.  That will help any funk.

The End.