Lucky snap; studies in orange

From the past three days, these:

From a single snap, this LTG complexity caught three evenings ago.
This was taken seconds before the big flash, which kind of ruined the exposure when it happened.
This last series of photos were taken the evening before. Kinda pretty I thought.

DSC_8238 DSC_8232 DSC_8231

In other news…..

Record July rains are falling in much of the coastal and intermediate valleys of southern California as the pathetic remnant of once proud Category FOUR hurricane Dolores makes landfall there today.  Places like San Diego have had well over an inch, unheard of in July.  August, not so much, since tropical storm remnants have passed over southern Cal in a few Augusts.  Remember August 1977, when two inches fell on LA due to a tropical storm remnant?

That also August deluge in Los Angeles, by coincidence I am sure, preceded the big Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) switch in which low centers in the Pacific shifted farther to the south beginning with the 77-78 winter and the Arctic warmed up.  Wallace et al 1995, Science Mag, discoverers of the PDO, were claiming that the PDO shift had seriously muddied up the global warming hoopla of the time, suggesting caution in those global warming claims.

Nobody really paid any attention, since it was about to get even WARMER in the years immediately ahead, like in the 97-98 winter when a giant El Nino, like the one now out there, spiked earth temperatures to a record high of the time.

By the way,  the phrase, “global warming”,  has been supplanted by the phrase, “climate change”, one that has been bastardized from its original use since climatologists have always considered the phrase,  “climate change” a temperature-neutral, precipitation-neutral, could-go-either-way one, but as you know today it is one-tailed;   that is, “climate change” today has only  ONE meaning by those (often non-professionals) who use it;   that an anthropogenic WARMING of the climate is underway with its attendant effects on precipitation and life itself.

When the earth stopped warming some 15-20 years ago, the global warming phrase heard all over the media had to be supplanted with something else, of course.  I laugh, bitterly really, when I think of award-winning science geophys writer, Richard Kerr, of Sceince Mag, who wrote an article in Science, quoting the Hadley Center and such, titling his 2009 article about the hiatus in the rise in temperature, “What Happened to Global Warming?”

Of course, today such a title would not be allowed in Science Magazine.  But then, Richard Kerr could not have titled his article, “What Happened to Climate Change?” either, since climate change is always happening on this planet, probably the others like it.

Speaking of mud, or muddying things up, some scientists (Karl et al.)  are now claiming (in 2015)  there was NO HIATUS in the earth’s temperature;  that its been rising all along!  This astounding finding is due to some manipulations/”corrections” of existing data and use of African and other data not previously available.  You can read about this in summary form: Lost and Found_Sci 6-5-2015

This made me feel sad for the great scientists of the day, like Susan Soloman and others,  who have generated hypotheses about WHY the pause in the rise in temperatures has occurred, even publishing those hypotheses in high end journals like Science Mag or Nature.

Those folks are bound to be pretty embarrassed now since they may have been explaining nothing that was real.  It doesn’t get more embarrassing than that;  kind of like explaining N-Rays, that bogus radiation reported after the turn of the century by French scientist, Renee Blondlot, at Nance University (the “N” was for Nance).  Man, was Blonbdlot embarrassed when American physicist, Robert Wood, went to France to see “N-Rays” for himself and found that they were imaginary and reported them as so1.  N-Rays, though they had been “confirmed” in numerous studies, were soon gone from the scene, one of the greatest mass delusions known to science.

Was there REALLY no hiatus, that the Hadley Center in England, perhaps the foremost climate center in the world, was somehow misled when they were reporting a pause or hiatus in warming?  One thinks that the Karl et al 2015 report will get a LOT of scrutiny.  Stand by….

More TSTMS in the area today through most of the summer.  Hope one hits here in the Heights.  We’re falling behind our 3.5 inch or so average for July.

The End.



1It was the story of American physicist, Robert Wood, as told in the 1982 book, Betrayers of the Truth: Fraud and Deceit in the Halls of Science,  by William Broad and Nicholas Wade, that partially inspired your Catalina Cloud to go to Israel in 1986 to see the clouds for himself since,  in his experience after years of airborne cloud work at the University of Washington), the cloud reports emanating out of Israel were goofy, also the likely product of someone’s imagination.  Those Israeli cloud reports WERE goofy as found by your author (1988 pub), and independently by others (U of Tel Aviv).

By Art Rangno

Retiree from a group specializing in airborne measurements of clouds and aerosols at the University of Washington (Cloud and Aerosol Research Group). The projects in which I participated were in many countries; from the Arctic to Brazil, from the Marshall Islands to South Africa.