These, and lots more of them yesterday.  I think one of the lightning strikes associated with photo No. 2 down there was about 8 inches from the house!  Also, there one particularly dangerous stroke from a thin anvil cloud just after 12 Noon yesterday as the first thunder began to be heard from a Cumulonimbus cloud raining on Mt. Lemmon (where they received over an inch of rain).  However the strike was a near vertical cloud to ground strike many miles from the rain area, and out of a fairly innocuous anvil cloud.  See photo number 3 below.  The cloud-to-ground stroke came down about a mile away, perhaps in or near the Sutherland Heights development east of Lago del Oro road,  and behind the mesquite tree humped up in the center of the foreground area of this photo.  I just could not believe it and it does tell you to be cautious about lightning.  I might well have been outside up there in the Sutherland Heights area being a little too non-chalant about where lightning will hit next when looking up at that anvil cloud.


However, the 0.13 inches received was a little disappointing considering the behemoth of a storm that was approaching about 4 PM.  Actually, only about an hour earlier I had told a neighbor, after looking at the mostly glaciated skies, that it probably wasn’t going to rain here after all, so maybe I should be happy with a few “crumbs” of rain!

The End.