Rain today?

Its always nice to know that someone around you got an inch when you only got a trace; builds character because you’re glad for THEM and not moaning about a rain miss or Ms. Rain, 2014.

So, that’s the kind of day it was yesterday.  Thunder on the north side of The Lemmon by early afternoon on for a an hour or so, with that associated rain shield/anvil passing north of us–0.98 inches fell at Dan Saddle on Oracle Ridge, BTW.

Later, big, fat Cumulus starting to line up to the north of us, as they often do, and then exploded into strong storms  with good outflows in the middle of the afternoon; black columns of rain pounding down in the desert just north of Saddlebrooke.  Certainly an inch or more fell out there in the core of that storm.

So, its “great” to think of desert critters and vegetation near us getting hammered with water in this droughty time while we only got a little baby sprinkle overnight; the best model we have again overestimating the strength of a an evening rain band that didn’t materialize.  Got a couple of layers of clouds, but only a little baby trace, to continue to emphasize some character building disappointment.

Showers galore in the afternoons and overnight for the next three days. Monday looks to be have the wettest potential according to the U of AZ mod, today, Saturday, the least.  Maybe there will be a Catalina surprise today, though.  Clouds ballooning off The Lemmon and environs are supposed to trail out over Catalina today, not so much to the north as they did yesterday, so, remnants of  early Cumulonimbus clouds that are locked to the mountain in the late morning and early afternoon, may bring rain here before they die completely.

Then there is always the chance on these days that our real diurnal rainfall maximum, the late afternoon and evening hours, will yet produce a dump.  Its gotta happen one of these next three days….

The cloud story for yesterday

8:21 AM.
8:21 AM.

12:19 PM.

1:26 PM.

1:35 PM. First ice.

1:35 PM. Close up of ice fall out (whitsh haze in center clearing).

2:00 PM. Thunder on the mountain!

3:15 PM. From the cloud base photo collection. Quite nice for a time; thought there was a turret piling up over ME, but then it began to look tattered, developed bright spots in the middle, and shrank in size, indicating that the updraft feeding it was dying out.

3:21 PM. Thunderstorm trudges across desert north of Saddlebrooke. Outflow winds from the north reached Sutherland Heights about this time, helping, for a time, to cause that cloud base overhead to fatten up for awhile.

7:20 PM. The best parts of our sunsets aren’t always to the west!




7:28 PM.
7:28 PM. Nice.