Rained yesterday…

You probably don’t believe me, but at 2:08 PM, a few drops came down from this Cumulonimbus debris cloud, one that drifted off the Catalinas.  Likely you were inside watching fubball or something instead of checking on a possible trace of rain.  Oh, well.  I understand.  You had more important things to do than see if it was raining and note it in your weather log book.  You are keeping one aren’t you?

2:08 PM. Rain is falling.  Most of you will notice that this cloud is full of ice, so it COULD have rained out of it since ice means precip.














The proof?

Here, on the “trace detector”, a 1985 Corolla four-door, hatchback mini-SUV, mileage like a Prius before ethanol, some drops.   BTW, yours for $12,000, comes with University of Washington Husky “W” insignia, also shown here, because I worked for the University of Washington and was a loyal company employee, i. e., supported all the company sports teams.  Its just who I am.

2:09 PM. This photo was taken in case people didn’t believe me that it had rained yesterday.  After all, this is the internet and you never know for sure what’s true.
5:31 PM. Late afternoon Cumulonimbus spawns a rainbow for desert.

BTW#2, the Pima County ALERT raingauge at White Tail, near Palisades Ranger Station, just off Catalina Highway on the way to Mt Lemmon, had more than an inch of rain yesterday from our isolated Cumulonimbus clouds! It seems to register the highest rainfall time and again. It might be a fun Sunday drive to go there and see what all that rain has done. They must be over 10 inches for just August alone!


U of AZ mod (11 PM run) is predicting an uptick in thunderstorms this afternoon, then dry tomorrow.  Hoping for one more dump….  You never know when the last one will be this time of year.


Some more visual ice cream, this morning’s pretty virga:

5:59 AM, Aug. 27th (today, just now!)

The End.