Return of the “green pixies”

Been kind of sad since the “cold turkey” end of the summer rain season about a week ago, grasses browning now, pig weed wilting.
8:24 AM Saturday, Sept 15th, fubball day, near the back gate of Cat State Park.
Trying to “man up” today.   Got happier just now when I saw that the “WRF-‘GOOFUS'” model returned “green pixies”  (aka, green pixels indicating areas of rain) to Arizona beginning next Sunday.   They stay around for a couple of days, too.
Now, in a disclosure of some kind, I have to tell you that this run from last night’s global data taken at 11 PM, is one of the wetter model indications from the past few days for rain in AZ, Sunday through Tuesday.  Some horrible model runs have had NO RAIN whatsoever around these parts.
Here is last night’s model run as rendered by IPS MeteoStar, valid for 11 AM Tuesday.  That green area below is for the rain the model thinks has fallen in the prior 12 h (from 11 PM Monday night, AST).
Seeing green in Arizona!  Think GREEN!