Sign of a good rain day today after some disappointment yesterday (only 0.17 inches here)

Stratus fractus on the sides of the Catalina Mountains:

5:54 AM this morning.
5:54 AM this morning.

This tells you how wet it is out there, if per chance you haven’t walked around in it, and also tells you that moist air has some depth. These are the lowest clouds yet of our summer rain season. CUmulus cloud bases later this morning and this afternoon should also be lower than any prior day, and that means more rain gets to the ground, and likely the cloud clusters are large.

Fingers crossed for half an inch or more today here in Sutherland Heights-Catalina area.

BTW, some points in the Catalinas, such as White Tail,  got 1-2 inches yesterday.  Douglas way in the corner is already over 4.6 inches or about 160 % of their whole July normal.  Excellent.

The End.