Sunny, with rain and close lightning strikes

Good grief, what a last 12 h or so.  First, the smallest thunderstorm that produced the most vicious cloud-to-ground strikes that I’ve experienced developed overhead just before 5 PM LST yesterday.   Took the photos below looking in several directions because, as the heavy rain fell for a few minutes and the lightning bolts were striking all around the house, it was SUNNY!   Somebody musta got a good rainbow shot!  Take a look;  the following photos were taken amid close, cloud-to-ground strikes and pouring rain (amounting to 0.13 inches in a few minutes):

Here’s the cloud what done it, just as the “festivities” got under way.  Truly amazing!









We all know small (Cumulonimbus clouds) can produce very small shafts of rain, but it was how highly “electrified” this small cloud was that made it special.  And that phenomenon continued into last night as that huge complex moved in from the SE after 10 PM last night with about as much lightning as I have seen over such a wide area.  Its still producing lightning to the NW-N.  Sadly, we only received another 0.01 inches overnight to bring the 24 h total to 0.14 inches.  But somebody got a pounding overnight.  Let’s check with our friendly ALERT gage reports.  Not much around here or on the CDO watershed, darn!  Still hoping for a Sutherland and CDO wash run before summer is out.  Last year they were running on July 30th.   These dogs were pretty happy about it back then, too; here a scene from the Sutherland wash last year.  But, I nostalgiate.   (What a great sight that is, water running in our washes!)


Most of yesterday’s appears to have been to the S and SW of us.  Oh, well.  As Scarlet said, “Tomorrow is another day”, except that now its “today is another day.”  Mods tending to dry us out in the days ahead.  Drat.

The End.