Sunrise and sunset heaven: Cirrus and maybe Altocumulus on the way

Yep, a cute tiny little upper air low with just a dollop of high clouds is going to be spit out of the eastern Pacific off Baja Cal today and tomorrow and toward AZ, and along with that will come some Cirrus and probably Altocumulus floccus and castellanus clouds, maybe with virga.  The first Cirrus cloud is likely to get here by late afternoon or evening today, and the sky should be full of high, icy Cirrus clouds tomorrow morning.   So charge your camera batteries now for some of the “everyday-but stupendous” AZ color at sunset today and at sunrise tomorrow.  You’ve been warned.

Below a map of the air flow and pressure patterns at 300 mb, or about 30,000 feet, the domain where cirriform clouds like to reside, valid at 5 AM LST this morning.