Upper low to pass over us later today and tomorrow with pretty clouds and that’s about all

You can see it highlighted in red on forecast maps here from the Huskies, the Washington ones.  Have cameras ready for various forms of Cirrus and Altocumulus clouds, the latter later.

U of AZ Wildcats local model thinking just pretty Cumulus tomorrow as central region of low up there passes overhead.  Some with virga, maybe reaching small Cumulonimbus size, with some wisps of precip on top of Ms. Lemmon;  a little measurable rain is even foretold for east central  and northeast Arizona tomorrow!  Nice.

In the meantime, a nice poppy photo for your enjoyment from a hike just a coupla days ago .

Logged on a hike on March 22nd.  Its not a poppy.  Is anybody out there?
Logged on March 22nd1. Someone’s inside it.













The End.



1Its not a “poppy”, for Pete’s Sake, but rather a Calochortus leichtlinii.  Wanted to see if you were paying attention and know ANYTHING at all about the fabulous wildflowers we have here.  A quote from the Flower Essence Society about this flower:  “The nurturing qualities of Mariposa Lily draw the soul (and apparently, the worm in the photo above) into a deep interior space like the chalice of the flower itself.”