Yesterday’s Cirrus, and a rainy-snowy dream in January

From yesterday, this beauty:

10:10 AM.














And from last night’s 11 PM AST run, a computer model run time that I tend to downplay except this one, a behemoth on January 6th at the end of our upcoming storm series.   As Aerosmith recommended about our forecast models, Dream On.  I will.  BTW, this Aerosmith rendition has a FULL orchestra accompaniment, and so you KNOW  it has to be good music!

Today’s clouds?

Right now, 8:11 AM:  Mostly (supercooled) Altocumulus (some undulatus over there to the SW), some slight virga here and there.  Back edge of these moist plume from the deep tropics racing toward us, and so later this morning the sky will clear off except for some patchy isolated Cirrus.   Could lead to a nice sunset.

Storm ramblings….

Dec. 24th evening into morning of the 25th, marginal if any rain at all now;  range in Catalina of 0 to max potential of 0.05 inches.  So, even if everything is the best it can be for rain here, its not gonna be that great.

Dec 27-28th.  Looking like a tenth to quarter incher.

Still in the “Trough Bowl” here, the collection zone for storms, phrasing in keeping with college football bowl season.1  More opportunities for rain after the 28th, as posted above.


1Former company team, the University of  Washington Huskies, playing Boise State today in Vegas at 1:30 PM AST. and being an outstanding former company employee who not only worked there, but then also took time to watch the company sports teams! Will take time today to sit on duff and watch Huskies, helping to boost ratings.  I hope Arbitron calls.





The End