Yesterday’s pastel sunrise due to “Altocumulus floccus virgae” as best I can tell

Here, in chronological order, yesterday’s pretty sunrise, as today’s wil be, too:


6:46 AM. Pretty Altocumulus just on the other side (downwind) of Ms. Lemmon.



6:49 AM. Walkin’ the dog under pastel skies and virga from Altocumulus at -27 C (-16 F), about 21-22kft above us.

6:57 AM. Dog inside eating while Altocumulus with virga continues to highlight north sky.



7:32 AM. Newly formed Altocumulus perlucidus, sometimes called, “mackerel1 sky”, no ice evident.  Even at very low (not “cold”, BTW, to be technically correct) temperatures, ice free clouds can occur.  Sometimes its momentary, sometimes not, these clouds appeared to evaporate without producing ice.












More pretty clouds coming in today. Look up now, or see sat images here.

Cold blast dead ahead after warm spell, rain iffy here, pretty certain in Cat Mountains.  Cold air arrives on the 16th-17th now.  Has very strong support in the NOAA-Lorenz spaghetti plots.

Rain is with another deep trough is shown here in last evening’s model run for the 21st.  I’d be VERY excited normally, but when YOU look at the NOAA spaghetti, you’ll see that it has very little support and must be considered mostly fantasy, an outlier model result, one not likely (though not impossible) to verify.   Once again, precip center is depicted in this goofy run as over my house (us).  Here’s that rain as rendered by IPS MeteoStar:

Valid for 5 PM AST, November 21st.  Not where heaviest precip is indicated again (arrow). Valid for 5 PM AST, November 21st. Not where heaviest precip is indicated again (arrow).



1I don’t find a LOT of resemblance.