2017-18 Water Year progress report for Sutherland Heights/Catalina :(

“Read ’em and weep”, as a Los Angeles Times sports scoreboard page used to say:

So far, so bad.

No joy ahead in “Dustville”, as a once mighty trough has struck out.  An  long-foretold, incoming trough for April 8th appears now to not have enough amplitude (i.e., the core of the jet stream won’t get to us, but will stay a little to the north of us).  Only wind and a temperature drop is likely.

Should see some nice Cirrus from time to time though….maybe small Cu after the cold front passes.  Oh, me, living in a desert can be hard.

But, “hey”, the northern Cal drought is getting squashed quite a bit by major spring storms, with some monsters still ahead.  I guess we be happy for them as they recover from extreme drought.  Snowpack around Reno/Lake Tahoe, to give you an example,  has made its biggest recovery in some 41 years as of April 1st after the near record low on March 1st.  Reno is near northern California.  And, a whole lot of precip is in the pipeline.   Might even make the news….

The End

By Art Rangno

Retiree from a group specializing in airborne measurements of clouds and aerosols at the University of Washington (Cloud and Aerosol Research Group). The projects in which I participated were in many countries; from the Arctic to Brazil, from the Marshall Islands to South Africa.


  1. We’re still waiting for the “deluge ‘ here as well. Seeing a bit of sunshine this morning, before the precipitation supposedly arrives later this afternoon. Oh, to wait until summer!

  2. Hi, Roland,

    Looks like the Pac NW will get quite a pounding over the next week or even two weeks. You might be too far north to get the brunt of those. Sure wish we had SOMETHING decent in the way of a rain ahead here, but no. And now, the hot season….


  3. What a surprise-wide open blue skies here this afternoon! Looks as if we temporarily brought up air from Arizona! 🙂

  4. No joy in “Mudville” here either, Art. When are the “spaghetti lines” going to change??

  5. I’m probably crazy, but spaghetti, that is, those ensembles, have not carried the day this whole winter! I’m not looking at them as much. It used to be that on occasion, a strong single would appear beyond the the week to 10 day mark that you could count on. Not so this winter. Over and over again the ensemble members have predicted strong events here, but they wash out in real life. So, I am either getting schooled on ensembles, or there are larger errors out there in the data than we assume with out tweaking of the starting conditions around the globe.
    Hah! More like a blog here!

  6. Art, I read a blog recently from a guy called Scott Sistek, which said La Nina is going to hang on a little while longer. That’s not good for us, as it means more rain. What about you?

  7. Scot’s good, Roland, very astute about those things. I have not read much about the La Niña. Just poke around the models, hoping for a storm, at least lately. Its true the NW does tend to get more rain during La Niñas, as the Washington Husky spring athletes are finding out.


  8. Art- are you there? Anyway, just to let you know we’re almost bone -dry here this month. Just 0.12 inches so far. Who knows- maybe we’ll have less than your place this month! 🙂

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