Altostratus: before and after (being underlit)

In the first shot here, you’re getting pretty excited.   There are holes in the mostly icy Altostratus translucidus deck, your camera is charged up for plenty of shots, because with the holes, and,  with the satellite imagery indicating a western edge of these clouds over central AZ, you realize this whole scene below will be INFLAMED with color before long.   But you have an agenda:

You’re thinking of sending another round of glorious, unforgettable, studpendous sunset pictures to your friends in, say, Seattle, Washington,  where it has been overcast and cold ALL day.  Also, it seems that March through May has been the coldest in 55 years there.  You feel bad for them, but not THAT bad.

Your new photos will help them realize the mistake they made by not moving to Arizona and joining you here in a new life.  They will feel bad again.  But, you refrain from “enabling” them  in the consequences of their decisions by saying weather platitudes like,  “I could use some of your overcast skies everyday and cold air here!  Its about 100 F here today, just awful.”

Of course, with the low humidity hereabouts, its not awful at all.  In fact, you drive around with your windows down to show how not awful it is.   Still,  you want THEM to feel that little bit better about the awful weather they are having.    Actually, they might even have a big earthquake there in Seattle, too, because they’re under/near a big subduction zone, but, you probably don’t want to mention that….

The End.