Attention: We interrupt this drought with some (forecasted) summer rain

The numerical leprechauns that spread green (our ancient weather map code for areas of rain) have put a coupla green pixels in the State of Arizona!   The first green pixel from last night’s run appears on Monday evening, June 27th in extreme SE AZ.  Its not much, see  first map below, probably only enough rain to give an ant a drink of water, but, just think, we will have some CLOUDS!  The cloud drought will be over!  

After this itty bitty possibility, and as the jet stream buckles in the eastern Pacific, our bloatful upper level high, normally in place during the first week in July,  is in its normal place in the first week in July!  Imagine, after all the weather “discrepancies” around the country, a normal map!   This means that the tropical air will spurt northward as that ridge develops over and to the north of us and we’ll get into some real nice Cumulus and Cumulonimbus clouds for a few days!   Think of those cool breezes blasting out of the rainshafts, even if you don’t get that rain yourself!  Think how nice that will be.

So when does that little preview of the summer rain season begin after the 27th?  Two days later, on Wednesday evening of the 29th, and then we should be set for several days of clouds and scattered thundershowers.  Check it out here at IPS Meteostar.   Here are some examples below.   Now the first couple of green areas in the State of Arizona will require a magnifying glass.   The mods also suggest it will dry out again after the evening of July 8th.  Phooey!

The End.