The “greening” of Arizona

In the numerical weather models, that is.

IPS Meteorstar, regurgitating the National Center for Environmental Prediction’s (what happened to simple titles like,  “The Weather Bureau”?) model output from last night has come up with MORE GREEN in that run over prior runs in the State of Arizona.  This,  over the next two weeks!  Caveat:  Might mean this run’s WRONG because of having changed quite a bit, but personally I am getting pretty worked up now.  Kinda tired of the dust here in Catalina, AZ, the cloudless skies,  etc.,  so there are a lot of reasons to want to believe this last run is absolutely correct.

Take a look.  Here are a couple of panels from that run.  You can almost smell the desert after the first rains!  See the impassable roads and washes!  Feel the moss starting to grow under the mesquite trees!  It would probably be of interest for you to take some pictures of dusty plants and stuff before the rains hit, and then the same views afterwards to document the wonderful changes that are going to take place in the next week and two.

BTW, I hope you are not afraid of maps like those below with “isobars” on them, lines delineating (hmmm, is that redundant?) where the pressure is the same, circling around highs and low pressure centers.  You see, most media people and TEEVEE weather presenters think you’re afraid of “isobars” and so they don’t show them.  Too much for you.   They only show you an “H” for a “high” and an “L” for a “low.”

I think you’re better than that;  I will not dumb this down.  I will insert maps with isobars more or less “willy-nilly” as I think would be interesting for you.

Also, I like the expression, “willy-nilly.”

The End