Canadian model wetting it up for Catalina and environs….jpg

Had maybe a pixel of “rain” over us prior to last night’s run based on global observations made at 5 PM AST yesterday.  Now, from those obs there’s widespread rain in SE Arizona from the little low that drifts across SE Cal and just to the S of us.  First showers now shown to move in overnight Thursday, continue off and on, for about 24-36 hours.  Expect to hear thunder.  Sticking with best rain total prediction, generated when the models had none, of between 0.05 to 0.25 inches.  Tongue of moist air now seen to be injecting from tropics into that upper low!

Who cares what other mods calculate?  We just hope the Canadian model results above are not some kind of confluxion.


Off on another tangent:

The “strangely believe it” side of science, cosmology:   Two weeks ago, in a Science mag editorial, it was pointed out that the entire Universe (!) as we know it today, even with those 50 billion new galaxies that the Hubble telescope disclosed back in the 90s, began with a particle SMALLER than a proton!  The Science Editorial, however,  did not disclose how that incredibly dense (!) particle got there, what was it doing before that, nor why, in 10-35 seconds, it blew up to be a couple hundred light years across, the very parts I was hoping to learn about.  This is,  perhaps, a more amazing scenario than one that brings rain to Arizona in May!


The End.