Creepy Stratus fractus

Well, that cloud WAS “creeping” toward us after suddenly appearing on Pusch Ridge at dawn…  Looky here:   ———– With Halloween only 10 and half months away, I thought I would “get in the mood” and make up a little creepy-ness for the little kids who read this blog. Hi, kids! Hope you didn’t get… Continue reading Creepy Stratus fractus

Yesterday’s drizzle

Some rare drizzle precip1 fell yesterday.  Suggests clouds were pretty “clean”, that is,  didn’t have much aerosol loading and the concentrations of droplets in them was low (likely less than 100 cm-3) Also likely, in view of the recent strong winds, some of the aerosols in those clouds might have been large dust particles2 rather… Continue reading Yesterday’s drizzle

The trace

We had a trace yesterday in SH.  There was not ONE but TWO periods of rain, the first at 1236 to 1237, and the second from 1240 to 1240:30, both from the same cloud, but likely from different turrets protruding above the base.  The drops were very small, barely mm-size, with considerably horizontal separation between… Continue reading The trace

Water, water everywhere in the sky, but not much fell on the ground

Yesterday was a disappointment.  Oodles of water up there above us, as represented by cloud bases somewhere around 15 Celsius  (59 F) yesterday morning, early Cumulonimbus activity–one was up toward Oracle by 10:37 AM–Oracle got 1.06 inches yesterday, but while the skies darkened over Catalina several times, they didn’t “unload.”  Maybe only once or twice… Continue reading Water, water everywhere in the sky, but not much fell on the ground

“Great Unexpectations” (0.38 inches fell when almost none was expected)

Of course, the title refers to Dickens’ little known sequel (and frankly, a lightly regarded one)  to his popular, “Great Expectations”.  Dickens fully expected that by rushing out another novel similar to “Expectations” that a financial success similar to the one that  “Expectations” had garnered for him would be easily acheived. However, like most sequels,… Continue reading “Great Unexpectations” (0.38 inches fell when almost none was expected)

It was dust not smog

  Let us compare different dusty sunsets, one from Saudi in 2007, and one from Israel, 1986, together at last for the first time:   Standing by for rain on the horizon, Yours truly, CM

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Smoke attack

It was hard to see all the smoke around yesterday morning after the two previous stunning days with high visibility.  I was thinking I had never seen so much smoke in Catalina as I saw yesterday morning.  Here is some photos of that awful event:   In the afternoon, the smog was gone, mixed through… Continue reading Smoke attack