“Come together, right now, over me” in Arizona with some rain

This song and refrain by Lennon and McCartney, amended a bit in the title for local interest1 was actually a reference by them to a striking “divergence” in weather model predictions of that day during a droughty time in England;  the models  did “come together” eventually to predict the same thing, and that was for a lot of rain in droughty England in the days ahead.  By the way, you won’t find this kind of historical background information in Wikipedia or in some biography.

As we saw yesterday, one model can show a lot of rain in AZ a few days, and another not.  So, we, too, as did Lennon and McCartney, wanted those models to “come together” and show the needed rain over us;  not one model doing this and another one doing that, as they can do.  I know a lot of you were fretting all day about which one was going to be right, the dry one or the wet one for Arizona?  Well, we have seen them “come together” over the past 24h.

Expect rain and snow!

And a goodly amount of it, in AZ, including Catalina, beginning late on Monday and then continuing off and on for a couple of days!   Wildflowers, here you come!  Maybe you should get that better camera before the spring bloom, and also help the economy along while doing so.

And as you might have speculated, the Canadian wet model run for Arizona, the one one showing a storm pattern similar to the ones we have had intermittently in November and early December, was the one  that won out over yesterday’s model “diffugulty.”  This is great news unless you’re chauvenistic and just that bit peeved that the Canadian model won this event in the “weather model Olympics.”  Oh, well.  The US model, while now predicting storminess  for us is a bit drier than shown here.  Still, its all good.

Here’s last night’s juiciest Enviro Canada panel for AZ, that for Tuesday morning at 5 AM PST showing the storm barging well into AZ (lower right panel).  Exult!  The entire sequence can be seen here.

On a cloud note, we had for a time yesterday, some of the rarely seen Cirrus castellanus, icy clouds with turrets.  Usually its too cold and too “stable” for turrets at heights above about 30,000 feet above the ground, but there they were.  See below.


1In the early original drafts of this song, the reference was to “England”, not Arizona.  As you can see, those part of the lyrics referring to location and rain were a bit awkward and were eventually dropped.