Double Vision

Who can forget rock band, Foreigner?   Remember that other hit song from that album about desert people like us, “Hot Blooded”?  I do.  But I was in Seattle then (1980s) at the U of WA, never dreaming I was going to be in hot blooded in Catalina, AZ, especially in the summers.

Today’s amazing progs with such wonderful sights maybe think of that song title because two of the same kind of upper cutoff lows are forecast to sit and spin over the Southwest in the next few days, with noticeable weather happenings,  like the wind picking up as early as Windsday (hahhaha).   What’s weather website without juvenile humor now and then?  But seeing this model output has made me quite happy, feeling good about myself and the world around me.

Again, I start with the Canadian’s (whom I sometimes tease since my relatives there might be reading this blog) model output (in totality here) from last night’s 5 PM LST global data.  The first panel is last night’s initial weather maps just to show you how drastic the change in the weather is going to be.  Look at how there is nothing but “high pressure” all over the West.

Then here’s what we see in just 60 and 132 h from that map, that is,  just this Friday morning at 5 AM LST, and Sunday morning at 5 AM (second and third maps).  Look in the upper left panels and note how similar Friday and Sunday are!  Amazing!  And the positions predicted are great for huge dumps of snow in the north parts of AZ and good rains here.  The aspect of this that really helps us is that the rains/snow won’t just come in ONE several hour spell, but should recur after they start because cut offs by their nature don’t move much but kind of wobble around like they look like on the upper maps, spinning tops, ones that initiate new bands and blobs of rain while they sit and spin.  And we will be dealing with TWO of those! Fantastic.

Now, for fun, the thing to do is NOT look at any more model runs, they could hardly be better than these, so why look?) and just watch the sky change over the next five days or so, dreaming about what will be, what COULD be.  Enjoy it all.  No matter what, the clouds will be great, the rain treasured, as will those sunrises and sunsets from time to time.

What a life we have here!

Starts with the starting model map since that seemed to be a good place to start, then Friday and Sunday maps follow, respectively: