Nice sunset again yesterday; local tortoise crosses road unharmed

Giant homework assignments (i.e., controversial cloud seeding manuscripts for journals) seem to go on and on, and so can’t really talk clouds and stuff so much, with all the usual obligations of living (e.g.,  like vacuuming, washing windows, pulling some weeds,  but not too many for habitat saving purposes,  removing a pernicious, spreading hybrid cactus with microscopic glockets,  akin to growing your own asbestos, and preparing a home we used to live in here in Catalinaland for sale). Perhaps you’d like to make a HUGE offer on it…  That would be great!  Thanks in advance for making a HUGE offer!  Its where I started blogging, so there is that bit of historicity.  haha

From yesterday evening, these:

6:52 PM.


7:01 PM. Dissipating Cumulonimbus sheds its final raindrops.
7:01 PM. Just pretty Cumulus bases.
7:01 PM. Zooming on the scene.

Seems like another dry day today, though with “Cumulonims” here and there.  Rain chances pick up as we close out the month.  Way behind average for August;  now at only 1.10 inches here in The Heights of Sutherland.   Average is 3.36 inches, our wettest month.

In neighborhood news….

Below, the saga of the tortoise.  I parked and waited for him/her to get across Equestrian Trail Road.  There was a small rise in the road from where he was and someone in a hurry would have smashed him flat.  This is who I am and why I write controversial papers about cloud seeding.  Some do gooder has to do it, even though in the latter case you become a persona non grata in your specialty, your work isn’t cited when it should be by “scientists” who know about it, etc. Back to torti….

Wonder if anyone out there saw that “The Desert Speaks” program on PBS two nights ago where there was a herpotologist that spent many nights patrolling roads to get critters off the road so that they don’t get squashed.  What a guy;  a hero really!  I think I could do that if I wasn’t so cloud-centric.


8:47 AM.
8:47 AM.

The End


The End.

By Art Rangno

Retiree from a group specializing in airborne measurements of clouds and aerosols at the University of Washington (Cloud and Aerosol Research Group). The projects in which I participated were in many countries; from the Arctic to Brazil, from the Marshall Islands to South Africa.


  1. Lovely cloud scenes as usual, Art: However up here all we can see is the occasional patch of cirrus. Can’t trade my rainfall for yours, as we have even less this month (0.38 inches), and probably nothing more til September(which can be also a very dry month in the PNW). Maybe you can get something from tropical storm Harvey? Texas isn’t all that far away from you.

  2. Thanks, Roland, for your comment. We’re way behind for August, though not as far as you are up in Vancouverland.

    There’s another tropical storm that forms in the Mexican Pacific that might help us out in ten days or so. Its certainly true that Harvey needs to spread his precip around a little more, not so much in one region! Some remarkable totals down thataway!


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